Saturday, October 29, 2011

World Series

Congratulations to the Cardinals

We had a few additions this week.

From the HelloYarn / Southern Cross Fiber update we have Scamper in Falkland.

Hanging Gardens is a beautiful BFL/Silk from Cloudlover 

I finished my first lace shawl from Handspun.  There were a few places where the thick/thin really bothered me but my friends assured me that it would block out.  The pattern is Swallowtail and I replaced the nupps with beads.  It is slightly larger than the pattern.  Overall, I am pleased.  Now let's hope my swap partner is happy.

And in spinning.....
I spun up the WoolGathering October club fiber.  Big Thank You to Adrien and Ann for all the support and guidance.  This is the smooshiest, fluffiest, softest spin to date.  It is a polwarth/silk blend and I am sure the fiber played a BIG part in the squish factor.  Adrien and Ann have really helped me with my overtwist issued.  (Let's hope it works for my next spin as well.)  When I was plying, it was so puffy that I didn't think it would all fit on my bobbin.  4 ounces - 576 yards - 2 ply

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