Sunday, October 16, 2011

Diva's and Drum Carders

Diva Girl aka Pumpkin has Spa Day.  She was over due but I admit that part of the motivation was to give the poor cats a break.  She has been so incredibly hyper and needy.  As soon as we head in the direction of Happy Tails, she starts shivering with excitement.
The cats had a wonderful peaceful day and Diva girl had fun.

I finished spinning 4 ounces of TurtlePurl BFL Silk.  It was dreamy to spin.  She is so amazing.  I was so impressed that she dropped everything and did a custom gradient dye in the middle of preparing for shows and having a very busy schedule.  My swap partner loves the color and is excited (I think).  Now to pick a pattern.....

It is Malabrigo Stock-up, so I finished another Malabrigo project.  Houndstooth mittens.  It is my first time doing colorwork mittens.  I was very please with how well the Malabrigo Worsted knit up.  I think the yarn went a long way to helping keep the tension even.  They are warm and squishy.

Nerd Wars.  Not really sure why I joined, but I am glad I did.

I admit, I am only Dork and don't fully qualify to be a Nerd. 

I was only going to do the dissertation and  NOT do any of the challenges.  That plan went down in big flames!  I have completed five of the six challenges.  I really don't want to do the last challenge (costume) but the inner dork says I must.  We will see.  Must be strong.

Had a wonderful time at Spin-in.  It is alway nice to see what everyone is working on.  I learn something new at every spin-in.

Ann was so nice and even brought her 
Fancy Kitty drum carder up for us to play with.

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  1. The spin in was fun, wasn't it? Have fun with the carder!