Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby it’s cold outside 

I attended the second (of 6) class for beginning spinning.  In my humble opinion this is the best class for someone who wants to start spinning.  You take home a different wheel each week.  What an awesome way to find out which wheel is the best fit.
Spinning –
I finished spinning Amber - Alpaca  
A little over 1,000 yards for approx 12 ounces
3 ply approx 16 wpi

Frabjous Fibers - Silky Cashmerino
Approx 773 yards - 4 ounces
 2 ply

I think I finally found a fit for this beautiful yarn.  
The yarn is so pretty in the skein, but when I started knitting, it was total clown barf.  I frogged at least three patterns and now, finally I think we found a fit.
Thank you to all my friends that had such helpful suggestions.

I went to a quilting meeting over the weekend.  It was so inspirational. 
Here are a few photos

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and sending best wishes for a fabulous New Year.

Like many people, I recently reflected on 2012.  It was a very busy year for me (not so much in crafts, but in life).  The amount that I knit and spun was less than I would have hoped for, but I am very thankful for what I was able to accomplish.  Work was crazy busy, there was a lot going on with the family and we moved.

I reviewed my goals from 2012 and it is sad to see how little was finished.  My goal list tends to be pretty lofty (aim high).  Generally I spend time in November and December trying to finish up the goals, but that didn't happen this year.

2012 Knit Goals 
Bobbie Gloves 
Knotty Gloves 
Monkey Socks 
Gaudete Socks 
Arabian Nights 

Bridgewater - wip 
Icarus - wip 
Advent - wip 
Forest Path - wip 
Kimono - wip 
Lena - wip 

Jaywalker Socks - completed

When working on my 2013 goals I decided to add my 2012 list and my UFOs to the list.

2013 Knit Goals 
Whippoorwill - completed 
Lichen Woods 
Noro Dream Stipes 
12 Stripey socks 

Spinning Goals 
All Spun Up 
Green with Envy 
Spin for Socks 
Green Mustard 
SSK Gales Art 
Julie Spins 
Quilt Goals   (Did I mention I started quilting?  Must have needed another craft. LOL)

Pink and Blue 
Amish Star

Realized I have approx 24 UFOs so I joined the Finish it or Frog it with a group on Ravelry.
So far, My UFO walk of shame Project Page

1image title one mitten is smaller than the other. Need to fix 
2image title Would like to make it a little larger.
3image title 4image title 5image title 6image title 7image title 8image title
9image title 11image title 13image title 15image title 17image title 18image title
19image title 20image title 21image title 23image title 24image title
22image title Evil Irish Whippoorwill
12image title 16image title 10image title 14image title

Stash Down was a major FAIL in 2012.  I did realize I am a stress shopper and was very stressed last year.  :)  Must do better this year.  I am not in any clubs right now.  I am on the waiting list for two and have been for more than a year.  Those will be the only two that I will join (when my number FINALLY comes up.)  Both are well worth the wait.  I also do a spinning group SAL and they are on my "allowed" list.  The swap group is very bad for my destashing efforts and must be more careful in that thread.  

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Politically Incorrect.....

The Green Whippoorwill above is made with PI in I Got a Little Irish in me (lighter green) and Evil Hooker (darker green).  Her yarn is amazing.  But Wait.... There is more....
Her fiber is amazing as well.  I may have indulged in a few batts recently.  But Wait.... There is more....  Her Customer Service is FABULOUS.

Speaking of fiber.... 
In spinning, most of my time was spent on one project this year.
This beautiful Alpaca fleece.  It is really hard to capture the beautiful color.

Sending you and yours Happy Thoughts and Best Wishes.