Sunday, March 9, 2014

What time is it????

Daylight Savings time.  I am looking forward to it being light later in the evenings.

Ravellenic's is over and I am very happy with my accomplishments.
Time frame - February 7th to February 23rd
I spun and knit a pair of socks and knit a hands spun (previously spun) shawl.
Bitterroot by Romi Hill in Southern Cross Fiber Polwarth Silk in the Lizard Colorway

Next up on the wheel was Pigeonroof Studios Mixed BFL/silk
I have 8 ounces and have spun the first 4 ounces
It is a 3 ply approx 320 yards.  This is the first time I created a sample and have the sample next to the wheel while spinning.

 I started knitting a shawl.  You knit the border then pick up the edge and knit the body.  It is an AWESOME pattern.  I finished the edge and realized I should have checked gauge.  (Yes I should have realized before I was that far along, but I didn't)  It was approx 9 feet long.  So I frogged and will start over with a smaller needle.  Using Southern Cross Fiber Polwarth in Salt Collecting.  I am so happy with this yarn for this pattern.  Can't wait to post pictures.  Here is the handspun yarn


Color Affection was delivered to the birthday girl.

Finished Daisies in Pearl cowl by nidhikansal in Manos Maxima. 

Working on Brucie by Amy Rapp in Dyeabolical Strong Arm - Perfect Turquoise
It is a top down pattern.  First sock complete.  It is a bit big. hmmmm.

Because I don't have enough fiber......
Shuttles Spindles and Skeins has new silk in, so I HAD to try it out.
This is Red Eri Silk.  It is supposed to keep the color.  So Amazingly Soft.  Can't wait to spin.

Ok, the next section is all about food.  LOL
I love the Graze Box.  I keep the snacks in my desk at work and they are great for the afternoon munchies.  So much better than a bag of chips or a candy bar.

Kim is so awesome and she gifted a Blue Apron box.
The recipes were awesome

Received the box and it was packaged very well.  Nice to have it delivered to the doorstep.  I have fixed the shrimp and the turkey.  Can't wait for the burger.  So Delicious and easy.