Monday, October 10, 2011

Uneven Balls

Knit and Caboodle

It was a crafty weekend.
Saturday was the Knitters Guild meeting.
Sunday was a Spin-in at Knit and caboodle a LYS. She is carrying quite a bit of fiber and even has a couple fleece.  This weekend she was showing some Mohair locks that just arrived.  Gorgeous!!

Angora Wool Blend

At Yarn School, one of the girls gave me some angora to play with.  I had never spun with angora before.  She recommended blending it.  I played with some of the mixed wool and made a batt.  It was amazing how a little bit of angora made such a difference.  The angora was white base with gray tips and the wool was a light purple.  I had about an ounce.  Adrian had provided some tips (I tend to over spin).  My spinning was better (maybe, I hope) but I over plied.
1 ounce      N-ply    approx. 85 yards.

One Big Ball

For those that will be attending the SSK, there is a KAL from October 15-November 30th.  Knit something from the featured designer with bonus point if you use a vendors yarn and extra bonus points if you spun yarn from a fiber from a vendor and knit with that.

I previously spun some Tempted fiber. When I spun it, it was in two balls.  The balls were uneven.  I was trying to figure out how to make them even because I wasn't sure which was larger or by how much.  If it was commercial yarn, I could just weigh it.  Well I wound them together into one big ball and marked the end.  Then wound them back into separate balls.  But now I know which one is smaller.    I think I am going to knit Fire and Ice by Wendy Johnson.  The pattern increases until you have used approximately 1/2 the yarn, then decreases.  I wanted to make sure I started with the smaller ball so that I don't run out.  We can't cast on for a few more days, but I wanted to have everything ready.
Pattern - check, needles - check, handspun with size indicated - check.

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