Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let the Games Begin

The Ravellenic Games have started.
I am spinning the Sochi colorway by Greenwood Fiberworks.  It is the BFL/Silk.  I divided it up by color repeat and will spin a 3 ply for sock.  

The Plucky group is so awesome.  I posted an ISO and two people responded.  One was even willing to break into an unopened skein to send the yardage.  I took the other up on her offer.  She was making socks and had left overs.  I would feel so bad if the first person was so kind then ran out at the end of her project.  So, a little progress has been made on Color affection this week.  (about 4 rows)

Saw this on line this week and LOVED it.

The order from the SCF Fall collection arrived.  There are 6 ounces of each of the 3 colors.  Now, what to make......

Lucky enough to score at the Fat Squirrel Speaks update.  LOVE the fabric.

My wish came true this week.  A Wish Goddess. 


DS and I went to dinner this week.  So pretty.  

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