Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Blanket Begins in Earnest

Hi Everybody,

What a great turnout tonight! The Angelica's Blanket Project (code name: ABP) is off and rolling. A few notes...

If I told you tonight that the gauge was 8.5 per inch, it was me being overtired and trying too hard to get things right. Sorry. The gauge is 4.5 st. per inch. If you do the math on the swatch recommendation I also gave you (18 st x 24 rows = 4 inches) that's pretty obvious. Somehow I was dividing 18 by 4, and coming up with 8.5. Go, brain, go.

I studied art, not math. Woops.

Also, please note that there is a crochet border in your directions, and you should NOT be doing the border. I will put the borders on in the contrast color once the squares are complete. Please do SOAK and BLOCK your squares to 12 x 12, and weave in your ends. As you are knitting, remember it's easy to block it a little larger, but difficult to block it smaller, so if your gauge isn't perfect (and whose is???) err on the side of a little under 12 inches as you knit.

I would appreciate getting these back as soon as possible to begin assembly; by August 12 would be great. If you can't complete your square by August 19, we may not be able to complete the blanket before Angelica is off to be married. Again, I do have some volunteers willing to make multiple squares, so just let me know and I'll re-assign yours.

Also, the little pattern squares I handed out are the only way I'm tracking who did what, so please plan on returning them with your finished piece! If you haven't done so already, please write your name somewhere on the paper, and hold on to it until your square is complete.

The good news? There are 19 balls of yarn currently out to be knit into squares. That means there's one lonely pink ball left, just waiting to be claimed and knit. If you didn't get yours yet, or know somebody who would like to do one, let me know ASAP. Otherwise I do have plenty of volunteers willing to make 2, and I'll farm it out next week.

Thanks so much, everybody, for your dedication and enthusiasm about this project! Can't wait to see your finished blocks :)

Happy Knitting,


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