Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad News First?

Ok, the bad news is that the colors we wanted weren't in stock, and by the time they let me know this, it was too late for me to get them in for Thursday. So I've made some substitutions and the yarn is scheduled to arrive on the 20th.

The good news, then, is that I can safely hand out yarn and we can discuss the pattern at the meeting on the 22nd, when Angelica is supposed to be out of town.

I'm sorry to have us behind schedule already, but i'm writing a note of disappointment to JimmyBeans for their failure to "ship the same day you order!" as stated on the website.

Anyway, happy knitting in the meantime (go, colorwork mittens??) and I'll see you all soon!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for all your work, Jes. I'm sure it will be beautiful! Usually when things like this happen, it turns out even more beautiful than we thought it would.