Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunny California

There are so many awesome LYS.
Stopped by Fancy Tiger recently and picked up Malabrigo Arroyo and Madeline Tosh Light

I went to Anaheim last week and it was beautiful and sunny.
Stopped by a LYS and picked up a few items.
3 Skeins Malabrigo Arroyo and 1 Skein Malabrigo Sock

I finished the project I was working on while I was in CA and cast on Canyonlands Shawl by verybusymonkey

The project that I finished was Gill's Rock by Paula Emons-Fuessle
Lovely pattern.  I will definitely make another.

 I also finished Vanilla Orchid by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes.  Another awesome pattern.

Still working on The Volcano Shawl (Eyjafjallajökull Shawl by Anna Dalvi)

A few weeks ago I caught the Wollmeise update.
Dornroeschen, Babe /  Golden Pear, Wichtelwalzer

I have not cast on yet......
but a few potential upcoming items......

Ides of March Faroese Shawl KAL by O/C Knitiot Designs - Deby Lake
with Numma Numma the Special in Organic Greens

Color Affection by Veera Välimäki
Using Cascade Heritage in Cotton Candy, Anis and Jade

Toffee by Ágnes Kutas-Keresztes
Not sure of the yarn yet

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