Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Snowing

It is so very beautiful out today.  This is the perfect day to curl up with knitting / spinning with a fire and nice cup of hot tea.

It is so exciting to learn new things.
I am finding that spinning my own yarn, then knitting with hand-spun, I am am learning so much.
Thanks to wonderful talented friends, I am learning how to overtwist less.  That may not be grammatically correct, but it is how I feel about my spinning.

After spinning some Polwarth recently I learned that it was under spun.  BUT when knitting discovered that it was a fabulous fabric.  So, maybe under spun is not so bad.

Cloudlover -Polwarth TopHaunted Vineyard

Polwarth/Silk is AMAZING to spin.  Woolgatherings opened a club with a single type of fiber and I jumped on the Polwarth/Silk.  I absolutely love it.  I must admit a total weakness for Woolgatherings.  The February club (regular club) arrived and it is also AMAZING

Woolgatherings Club
January - Single Fiber
Woolgatherings Club
February - Merino

The Knitters Guild received an inquiry looking for someone to make stocking hats for a local hockey coach.  They were playing a special game and had special jersey's ordered and wanted matching hats.
I responded to the inquiry and had so much fun.  He had PMS colors for the Jersey, so I went to a print store to see the PMS colors.  Then I wen to a paint store to find paint chips to match.  Then I took the paint chips to several LYS to find the right yarn.  Then create the hat to match the Jersey.

So much fun.

On a recent visit to Boulder, I met some great people at a wonderful LYS.  I walked in the store  Mew Mew's Yarn Shop right at closing time.  She was so nice, said take your time we are getting ready for a knit in.  They were getting ready for an upcoming class of a dog sweater.  It was too perfect for my little diva girl.  I was able to purchase the pattern and supplies even though I will not be able to make the class. Great customer service.  They use the cutest bags that support a wonderful cause.

Do you have favorite needles?

I have learned that for lace my favorite needles are definitely the ChiaGoo Red Lace (CRL).  I was recently working on some lace and switched between the CRL and the Knit Picks Stainless (KP) which I do like for lace and was surprised at the difference.  I really like the hole on the KP interchangeable which is great for lifelines, but the tip and the join on the CRL were so much better.  When I realized that I didn't have a long enough cable and would need to switch to my KP needles, I ran to the LYS for a new needle.

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